Sunday, May 1, 2011

Podomatic - A Great Podcast Hosting Service for Educators

I have begun creating podcasts for students in my French course. Although they have access to our class recordings, I thought they might appreciate having podcasts which briefly re-cap key vocabulary we have learned.

I am using Podomatic to host my podcasts. It is a free service that gives you up to 500 MB of storage for podcasts. You can upload files from your desktop, publish podcasts from your Podomatic media library, or create podcasts using a webcam or microphone which Podomatic will access with your permission.

If you want more features and storage space, you can choose the "Pro" option. For information, you can visit this link.

There are language education podcasts at Podomatic at this link. They are also ranked within the category of languages. I am liking Juan France's Chansons podcast for French language learning. I think it would be really suitable for Intermediate and Advanced learners.