Saturday, December 1, 2012

Père Noël Magique (Magical Father Christmas for French Learners)

As Christmas is fast approaching, I was reminded of this gem of a website that I blogged about last year. 

If you have little ones or are teaching young children in a French language program, you may want to share this website with parents. You can customize a message from Santa to a child by answering some of the questions and sharing some images of family/friends. Please don't select that the child was "vilain" (naughty)!

French Immersion teachers, consider drawing a name out of a hat once/twice a week and creating a personalized message for that child to share with the class.  This would undoubtedly rekindle the magic of Christmas among the children.  You can then introduce some of the vocabulary and expressions from the video message with the children in the classroom.

Last year, my 4-year old daughter was listening with total rapture while listening to her personalized message from Père Noël himself.

Visit to create your message!