Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tux Paint as an Instructional Tool in Teaching Languages and Mathematics

My daughter is beginning to learn Spanish. I use Tux Paint, an open source drawing program for children, as an instructional tool to help my daughter learn Spanish more effectively. Last year, I published "An Educator's Guide to using Tux Paint: Creative Ideas for Using Tux Paint with Young Children"

I have been using Tux Paint as an interactive white board on my desktop for language teaching. Young language learners will appreciate the colorful stamps as visual aids in learning new words. These stamps can be used for storytelling in the target language among other possibilities.

As I've mentioned on this site, I also am very passionate about teaching mathematics. You will find plenty of ideas on how to use Tux Paint to teach mathematics to young learners in my guide. From teaching patterns to multiplication, Tux Paint is a very versatile instructional tool for the Early Childhood Mathematics curriculum.

I would strongly advise teachers using tools like Tux Paint to involve children in choosing items to add or to draw images free-hand using the "Paint" tool for example.

I invite you to view our lesson about fruits in Spanish ("Las frutas"):