Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Using Songs to Teach a Language

I came across this video in my Facebook feed today, thanks to a friend who is a Language Educator. The teacher featured in the video explains the value of using music to teach young children a language:

 I also see the value of using songs with adult learners. There are plenty of wonderful songs that can be used to teach verb tenses, vocabulary, expressions, and grammar. I have used Youtube videos with adult learners for this purpose and find that in addition to teaching the language, I am also teaching the culture through them.

 I would strongly recommend always preview the lyrics carefully to ensure the words are appropriate for the audience. I would also recommend providing the lyrics to students so they may sing along.

For young children, encourage as much movement to music as possible. Correspond hand and body actions with words to help them solidify connections between the spoken language and its actual meanings.

 Consider using songs with your language learners, no matter how young or old they may be!