Sunday, April 1, 2012

French Resources

French Language Education

(Core French, French Immersion, Intensive French)

K-12 e-learning Playlist (French Lessons for Children)

10 Fun French Facts
ACPI site
Audio Lingua

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My French Language Classroom resources on Pinterest

Classes en francais (Youtube Playlist of my Class Recordings)
Colors (Les couleurs)
Days of the Week (Les jours de la semaine) - Class Recording

Disruptive Innovation in the MFL Classroom

Foods (Les nourritures)
-Vegetables (Les legumes)
-Our Vegetable Set

Foreign Language Teaching Methods

French for Kids

French K12 (My other site)

-Greetings - Saying Hello
-Greetings - How are you?
-Greetings - Saying Goodbye

How Old Are You? (Quel âge as-tu?)

Jeopardy Labs
Les insectes
Les petits citoyens
My Family (Ma famille)

Il était une histoire
The International Children's Digital Library
Toutes les fables de Jean de la Fontaine

My House (Ma maison)
-Exterior of House (L'exterieur)
-The livingroom (le salon)
-The Kitchen (La cuisine)
-The Bedroom (La chambre à coucher)
-The Bathroom (La salle de bains)

Montage Guide for French Immersion Teachers
Navikid (Site for children ages 8 - 12)
Pardon My French:  Projet collaboratif


Cours et exercices de maths
Les mathematiques (Useful Math links from Enseignment's website)
Mathematiques faciles
Vive les maths

The Everything French Grammar Book

School Subjects (Need to scroll down a little to see and listen to the vocabulary)
School Vocabulary (L'école)
Skype in the Classroom
Subjunctive or Indicative?
The French alphabet (l'alphabet)
The Months (Les mois)

The Numbers (Les nombres)
-From 1 to 10
-11 - 20
-21 - 1 million

The Seasons (Les saisons)
Typing French Accents

Storybirds (Modern Foreign Languages)
TV5 Monde
Using VoiceThread as a Tool for Language Learning (KNILT)
What is the weather like? (Quel temps fait-il?)
Wikimini (Wiki for children in French)

Winter (l'hiver)
Neige folle radio