Thursday, April 5, 2012

How Symbaloo Can Simplify a Language Educator's Life

I have been playing with Symbaloo, a tool used to organize your web spaces.  I see so much benefit to creating a web mix for language learners.  I have created 2 web mixes for French and Spanish classes.  I have created a row of tiles for different categories of resources in my class.  In the French webmix, the first row takes students to our blog and wiki.  The second takes them to the Language Guide's site and Google Translate (for vocabulary help).   The third row takes them to images for their writing prompts.  The fourth row is reserved for reading resources.  The last row is for links to videos that help develop listening skills in French.

You can choose to share your webmix with the public or privately with friends.  Symbaloo lets you share via Twitter or Facebook, too.

You can customize the appearance of your tiles (change colors, upload your own images). It's your own web mix so why not have fun personalizing it?

I have shared links to my symbaloos with students to make it easier for them to readily access class resources.

I hope you will give Symbaloo a try!  I am loving how this tool is helping me organize my classroom resources in a more visually appealing way.