Wednesday, July 4, 2012

French App of the Week: Conjugate French Verbs

I discovered Conjugate French Verbs, a great app for French language learners that allows students to conjugate and study verb conjugations of several different types of verbs in French.  It would be a great tool for students to use during the summer break, practicing their verb conjugations of "er", "ir", and "re" verbs while also learning new ones!

Below are some screenshots of this app (courtesy of the Google Play Store):

I tested it by making errors in my conjugations to see what would result.  The app shows your errors and what the correct answers are by either double-tapping your tablet screen or dragging your fingertip over the verb conjugations.  

This app also lets students choose "Random", allowing them to randomly conjugate a verb using any given tense and persons (je, tu, il/elle, nous, vous, ils/elles).  It also tracks scores on verbs that students attempted to conjugate as well as verb tenses.

I would highly recommend this app for French students.