Tuesday, July 24, 2012

French App of the Week - French Numbers 0 to 10 (For Kids)

I think this is a great app for beginner-level French students, especially young children.  With French Numbers 0 to 10, children can study the digits, number words, and representations of the number (e.g. 6 leaves for six).  This is a more holistic representation of numbers and the visual images used for pictorial representations can be counted on the screen to practice counting in French.  Another thing I found appealing was that the digits appear with hands showing the number of fingers held up to correspond to the digit shown.    Below are some images of the app:

Ads do appear on the app for various products and services. 

The user can enable or disable sound on the app.  You can enable quiz mode for your child to test him/herself on knowledge of numbers.  To hear the answers, your child needs to tap the screen
There is also a dice icon at the bottom that when selected, will randomly provide an image of the number (e.g. a pictorial representation, a digit, or just the word) and the child will have to guess what it is.