Thursday, July 12, 2012

Make Quizzes with PhotoPeach!

Thanks to this great post by one of my favorite teacher bloggers, Ana Maria Menezes, I have learned how to create a quiz using PhotoPeach.

This is my first time actually using PhotoPeach but I am not new to using images in the French Immersion classroom.  I see so much potential and benefits to using images as a medium of language instruction.  Images serve as visual aids and can help students more readily form associations between objects/feelings/places and their words in the target language.

I have been a big fan of using images as part of my "Image mysterieuse" weekly writing activity in class.  I would put up an image from Flickr and ask students to write about what might be transpiring in the image.  Sometimes I would also use sentence prompts to accompany the images, facilitating the thought process behind this writing exercise.

Using PhotoPeach to create Grammar quizzes would undoubtedly be a more refreshing approach to teaching grammar or spelling than simply using a traditional text-only quiz.  I plan on using these quizzes with students both in class and at home when I experiment with the Flipped Classroom approach with my grades 4/5 students this September.  I will be embedding these quizzes in our Moodle course for extra grammar/spelling/vocabulary practice.

Here is an example of a quiz I created using PhotoPeach:

Le conditionnel on PhotoPeach

As Ana Maria stated in her post, to create a quiz:

1) select a slideshow you have created for the quiz by selecting "My Shows"
2) select "Edit"
3) select "Edit captions and photos"
4) select Quiz and begin typing in your question.  In my case, I create a fill-in-blank multiple choice quiz.
5) type in the possible answers.

You can also select music for your background.  This option appears when you first create your slideshow of images.  

If you do create a PhotoPeach Quiz, please be sure to share a link to it on my Facebook page!