Monday, August 27, 2012

French Flashcards

French Flashcards is a nice app with flashcards that helps students learn grammar and vocabulary while tracking new words acquired. 

Students can choose one of the files to study from:

By swiping the card up or down, the translation (in English) of the expression or word will appear.

By swiping it left or right, a new card appears.  But first, the student is prompted to indicate whether he/she got the correct or incorrect answer on the current flashcard.

Students can also play a matching game with images or test themselves with the Quiz option:

Please note that ads appear at the bottom of the screen.
I would recommend this app for beginner and intermediate-level students. If used in the classroom, I would recommend the teacher implementing new vocabulary and expressions in writing or spoken activities in class to improve retention of newly acquired words.

French Flashcards is available for Android tablets here.