Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chanson de la semaine: Wavin' Flag (with Féfé)

Each week, I am going to introduce a song to students.  We will be exploring the song throughout the week while focusing on various tasks that will help reinforce oral, reading, and writing skills.

Trouve 5 verbes (Find five verbs)
-Link this task to verbs you have already learned in class or that pertain to a verb family (-er, -ir, -re) they have explored.

Trouve 5 mots inconnus
-with the words they identify as unknown words, have them search for their definitions and write the words in sentences.  As a more challenging activity, encourage them to write a story using the newly discovered words and have them share their stories with peers in class.

Remplir les blancs
-after becoming more familiar with the song's lyrics, provide them with a sheet containing blanks.  Invite students to fill in the blanks with missing words while listening to the song.  You might also want to provide them with a list of the missing words that they can place in the blanks.

-the more that students become comfortable with speaking in French, the more they will gain confidence.  Singing in French is a great way to integrate the oral component of the language into the curriculum.  Try to bring songs into the classroom that students will enjoy listening to and that have catchy tunes.  For beginner students, use songs that incorporate plenty of repetition in the lyrics.  For intermediate students, use songs that will help them enrich their vocabulary and will help them form stronger connections between grammar and vocabulary lessons you have taught in class.

Below is our song of the week. It is a mix of English and French but is sure to get students in a positive mood for the start of the week!   A link to the lyrics is here.