Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cinq citrouilles

A couple of years ago, I created this song for Halloween in French called "Cinq citrouilles"  (5 Pumpkins).  My daughters enjoy listening to this rhyming story (I put to a tune) as I demonstrate it with the plush pumpkins I made for our Halloween songs:

Cinq citrouilles de ma voisine
toutes décorées pour l'Halloween
le vent a soufflé
et a fait une rouler
Et voila!  Il y a quatre citrouilles!

I continue to sing until I reach "zéro citrouilles".

Teaching Suggestions:

I would start by speaking the words and helping children form association between the spoken words and images.  I would also actively find ways to use the words in the child's real-life context to help them internalize the new vocabulary.  For example, if you experience windy weather, use the words "il fait du vent" while outside. 

For this particular activity, I would count the number of pumpkins each time one is blown away by the wind.  I would also invite children to count with me.

You can also use a program like Tux Paint to illustrate the pumpkins, subtracting one at a time after each verse that is sung.  For more creative teaching ideas on how to use this free program, please download my book at this link.