Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dictée de la semaine: Les animaux

This week, my students will be practicing their dictée words about les animaux (Animals).  We started by adding indefinite articles (un and une) to the words on this worksheet and verifying the spelling of the words (there were some errors).

For the corrections and indefinite articles added, please visit my class wiki at this link.

Today, I will be having each family group of students (5 to each group in my classroom) play a jeu de mémoire (Memory game) with the animal words.  They will be given two copies of the above worksheet with all the corrections made (it is editable if you download it to your computer).  They will divide the following tasks in their groups:

1) cutting the animal cards out
2) coloring the cards (using the same colors for each pair)

The object of the game, of course, is to find the matching pairs but also to say the names of the animals aloud each time one turns the card over.  If a player does not say the name, they lose a turn.