Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Une ressource gratuite: Mon livret des tâches pour ma lecture

Because my students are needing to work on their reading comprehension and decoding strategies in French, I have created this booklet (livret) for them. We will be using it weekly in our classroom to accompany our weekly texts (in the form of short articles and stories) mostly from the website Il était une histoire.  In the event my livret is not displaying properly, here is a link to the document.

At the start of each week, students will be given a text to read independently. On Mondays, they will be asked to complete the tasks on page 1 (Stratégies pour la lecture), guiding them in reading and re-reading the text while identifying unknown words. They will also be expected to identify key points (les points clés) from the text. I have asked them to circle unknown words while highlighting key points to make it easier to distinguish one from the other.

On Tuesdays, students will be asked to write down words they didn't know in the text (les mots inconnus) and to find the definitions of 3 to 5 words. If time should permit, they will be asked to share the words they have discovered and some decoding strategies they might have used from the previous day's activity.

On Wednesdays, students will write sentences using newly discovered words from the text. I think this activity is a good way of re-inforcing use of new vocabulary in French. They will be asked to share their sentences within their team groupings and decide upon the 2 best sentences to share with the entire class.

On Thursdays, students will be shifting their focus toward verbs in the text. They will be asked to identify 5 verbs (preferably unknown verbs) and to write down their meanings in French. They will then be asked to place the verbs in the correct verb family (in a table as shown in the livret). For further practice, students will be asked to conjugate 3 verbs. At the moment, we are primarily working on -er verbs in class.

On Fridays, students will be invited to create a game for their text. This activity could certainly take up an entire afternoon and should prove to be fun for most students. They will have the choice of creating a memory game (jeu de mémoire) or a game comprised of questions based on the text. For this activity, students will work within their team groupings to create the game of their choice and to then play it as a group.