Monday, November 5, 2012

Poème de la semaine: Dans la forêt sans heures

I discovered a nice podcast called "Easy French Poetry", produced by French Today.  Below is a link to a poem called "Dans la forêt sans heures" by Jules Supervielle.  The link to the podcast is also below:

Dans la forêt sans heures(poème)

Dans la forêt sans heures (podcast)

Questions to ask students:

1.  Trouvez les prépositions (Find the prepositions)
2.  Écrivez les mots dans ce poème qui vous font penser de la nature (Write the words in this poem that make you think of nature)


1.  Have students recite the poem in class after having a good listen of it
2.  Have students write the poem and create an illustration about it
3.  Ask students to write or discuss why it might feel like it is hourless in a forest. (Pourqoui, penses-tu, peut-il sentir comme une forêt sans heures?)