Monday, January 28, 2013

Leçon 2 - Conjugaison du verbe danser

Verbe de la semaine: danser (au présent) - to danse (present tense)

 je danse (I dance)
tu danses (You dance)
il/elle/on danse (He/She/One dances)
nous dansons (We dance)
vous dansez (You dance)
ils/elles dansent (They dance) --> Ils (They for a group of males and females together or just males) and elles (They for a group of females only)

 Practice writing out this verb each day and saying it aloud. To hear the correct pronuncation, go to Google Translate, copy and paste the following:
 je danse
tu danses
il/elle/on danse
 nous dansons
vous dansez
ils/elles dansent

Select the Listen icon (the volume icon near the bottom of the text box) and make sure you have selected "French" in the From: box as shown below: