Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Linking Dictées to Literacy

Happy New Year everyone!

After a nice 2-week break, it has been back to the classroom for the past two weeks.  Since December, I have been creating my spelling tests (or in French, dictées) from words we have encountered in our weekly reading texts.  I have been using weekly texts to strengthen their reading comprehension skills through teaching strategies that will help them decode words.  I typically choose words that I think students would find challenging so that we can discuss them in class and so that they have a context when studying these words for their weekly dictées.

This week's text is L'Alaska from the site Il était une histoire.  I use this site often for my weekly texts as I like that students can listen to the stories and play games that strengthen their comprehension of the texts on the website (provided the student or parent has a free account with the website).