Monday, January 21, 2013

Lesson 1: The Portuguese Alphabet (O alfabeto)

These video lessons would be a good accompaniment to any lesson on the alphabet in Portuguese.  I would suggest to anyone teaching the Portuguese alphabet to children to first familiarize oneself with the correct pronunciation of the letters at this link.

I would first start by playing the video of the alphabet song as it is a familiar tune for children who have learned the English alphabet song.  Children could then listen to the second video to more slowly familiarize themselves with the alphabet sounds and make some word associations in Portuguese.  Perhaps consider concentrating on 1 - 2 letters per week and find Portuguese words that begin with each letter.  To assist you with finding Portuguese words for each letter of the alphabet, please visit this link for some ideas.

As an extension of this activity, ask children to create a booklet for each letter.  You can have children title it "Meu livreto de letra..." (My booklet of letter...) and the letter.