Sunday, February 24, 2013

La semaine du 25 février, 2013

This week's dictée words:

raser la barbe
laver ses vêtements
faire le lit
se lever
peigner ses cheveux
faire des courses
arroser les fleurs
se doucher
prendre un bain

Le verbe:  prendre (au présent)

This week's grammar lesson:  

We have begun exploring daily routine vocabulary (la routine quotidienne) in class.  For resources to support this week's topic, please visit our class wiki at this link.

 Le verbe de la semaine:


We will be exploring -re verbs more closely this week.  Apps like La conjugaison (for iPad and iPhone) are useful in practicing conjugation of verbs in French.  If you have an Android device, try the French Verbs app.


We continue to learn about strategies that we can apply in solving multiplication and division problems.  Students were assigned individual book projects for this chapter, where they are expected to demonstrate their understanding of the chapter while letting their creativity come to life.

Please visit our wiki for Show Me video lessons and new content some of our students will be contributing to assist with understanding this chapter.

Une bonne semaine!