Sunday, February 3, 2013

La semaine du 4 février

L'histoire de cette semaine:  Le petit pianiste



La grammaire - les noms

This week, we will continue to explore French nouns (les noms).   Nouns can be persons, places, or things.  All nouns in French have a gender - they are either masculine (masculin) or feminine (féminin).

"But how can I tell which gender a nouns is?"  you wonder...

You look at the article in front of the noun to determine whether it is masculine or feminine.

"But what if I don't see an article in front of the noun?"  

 It takes plenty of exposure to nouns (through reading and listening in French) and practice with using them in writing and speaking to get the hang of whether you are dealing with a monsieur (masculine noun) or madame (feminine noun).

Below  are some links to websites about French nouns to help you get started on learning the gender of nouns (le genre des noms): (with a 13-minute video on French nouns that you can watch in two parts if you wish)