Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Les portefeuilles des élèves (Student Portfolios)

I have created folders out of large construction paper for students to collect work for their portfolios.  I would like them to become more reflective about their work in class, to contemplate upon both their strengths and challenges.

Often in my learning experiences with portfolios, I have heard of the importance of including samples that speak to one's strengths or shining moments in their work.  However, I think there is also a place for including samples of work that posed challenges and that may not have been one's best work. Perhaps a student did not prepare adequately for math quizzes and tests and repeatedly did poorly as a result.  Including a sample of this work could serve as a nudge to contemplate on what could be done differently to improve one's work in this area.

I like to think of a portfolio as something that speaks to the good and bad of a person's progress and to think of it as a space to help reflect upon one's past achievements and challenges so as to work towards improving and mastering certain concepts.

In addition to providing my French Immersion students with a folder, I will also be handing out a sheet that asks students to write about the following:

-How they have improved since the previous term
-Their strengths during this term
-The challenges they faced during this term
-Specific aspects of their work they plan on improving
-HOW they plan on improving

Students tend to write that they will improve in a subject without going into further detail on what they specifically plan to improve.  I am going to expect my students to give me details on how they will improve and look forward to seeing their progress in the following term. Because I also evaluate something as intangible as oral language skills, I like to use a form for students to note how they may have improved in their spoken language skills or may need to work on it.

Below is a copy of the portfolio sheet I have created in French for students to include in their portfolios: