Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tellagami - A Fun Storytelling App

I discoverd this free app on Miscositas' Facebook page this morning (¡Gracias!). Telligami is available on iPhones and iPads.  Tellagami lets you customize your character and record your voice or type in the text, select a voice, and have the character speak on his/her own.  You can customize the character's gender, hair, skin tone, and clothing items.  You can also change the background in which the character is displayed.

I think Tellagami has good potential for the language classroom, particularly with my French students.  I would like to use it with the purpose of helping my students strengthen their oral language skills.  I plan to integrate this app-based activity into my morning routines in class, randomly picking students to quickly create a monologue in French comprised of about 3 - 4 sentences on a particular topic or in response to a question.