Sunday, March 10, 2013

La semaine du 11 mars

La dictée

Gandhi s'est battu pour l'indépendance de l'Inde qui était une colonie dirigée par
les Britanniques. Il a mis au point des actions non violentes pour protester. Il a,
par exemple, lancé en avril 1930, la "marche du sel" pour protester contre la
taxe britannique sur le sel.

This week, we will be continuing with practicing 3 sentences from our 2nd dictée paragraph (see above). You will find it on the sheet you were given in class last week. This dictée is about Mohandas Gandhi, a very famous man in the history of our world. I would encourage you to Google him to find out more. For the dictée recording, please click on the Soundcloud link on the sidebar.

 Le verbe - Comprendre

Le film de cette semaine - M. Bean (La bibliothèque)

This week, we will be viewing a film clip of Mr. Bean at the library.  You will be asked to contemplate some starter sentences to discuss in class. Please visit this link to view this film.

La grammaire - Les symboles de correction

This week, we will be closely examining important correction symbols that I plan to begin using when correcting your French writing samples.  Please review the tutorial called "Reviser son texte" on our class wiki here.

Les maths - La multiplication et la division

Although we will be finishing our chapters on multiplication and division, we will continue to work on multiplication and division practice both in class and during our spring break.  At this time, you can view our class wiki for some helpful resources on multiplication at this link.