Sunday, March 10, 2013

Promoting Oral Language Development with Silent Films

I have used videos in the classroom in the past to promote writing skills development.  I have also used videos to promote oral language development.  For more details, please read this earlier post.

Recently, I read a great blog post by one of my favorite online language educators, Sylvia Guinan, on using movies to teach English.  This prompted me to revisit some old Mr. Bean videos, now readily available for viewing on Youtube.  Apart from getting a good chuckle from them, they also gave me some inspiration for future classroom activities.  While watching them, I wrote down some starter sentences that students could use to prompt discussion on scenes from Mr. Bean.  Because it is important to increase fluency among language learners, I think that we should encourage students to communicate with one another in the target language.  Discussion also helps students articulate their ideas and can be a good pre-cursor to a writing activity.

Below is a Mr. Bean video I will be sharing with my class and a list of starter sentences that will be used to get students to examine the video more carefully with a view to communicating their ideas in French.