Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Get Your Kids Speaking en français Using KidsDoodle!

This free app is available on iTunes and at the Google Play store.  I love it so much because it lets children create art using really interesting colorful effects that will leave children feeling stunned at the touch of their finger tips.  My daughters have been using KidsDoodle at home and I have to do everything in my power to keep them from prying their tablet away from one another when they are taking turns on this app.  My daughters created the following doodles and the words my older daughter used to articulate her work to me was rather impressive.

This experience got me thinking about how this app could be useful in my classroom.

So how does this artsy app relate to French Immersion, you ask?  Well if you think of all the language that potentially could be conveyed when explaining how their images were created, you can appreciate how this could be a great opportunity for children to mix creativity with oral language skills.  Children could speak about colors, textures of brush strokes, and special effects (creating bubbles or hearts) and, of course, about the final product they created.  The movie feature on this app allows children to playback each step of their image creation process, helping children recall the different things they experimented with when creating their artwork.

This could be a great app to introduce in centres if you allot iPads to students in the primary classroom.  However, I could see this app being a great hit with intermediate French Immersion students, too.  I could well imagine several of past students I've taught begging to use KidsDoodle if given choice time in my previous classes.

So if you are wanting to give this app a try, visit either the iTunes store or Google Play Store to let your students experience this app in the classroom.  Amusez-vous!