Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Review of Sumdog

Sumdog is a website that allows children to play math games while also practicing math skills at grade level.  Games adapt to the child's skill level as they play.  Students earn points as they continue to play and achieve new levels.

Teachers can create accounts for their class through Sumdog.  I created accounts for my students with ease and was able to print login cards for my students to have handy when signing into their accounts. You also can create assessments and math practice tasks for students.  You can customize the assessments and math practice tasks according to your student's ability level.  For example, you can create a daily multiplication practice for your class and modify it so that certain students might just be working on multiplication by 2s and 3s, while other students are working on higher number multiplication questions.

Currently, Sumdog is offering free 15-minute webinars to teachers interested in learning more about how to set up math practice and assessment activities.  Please visit this link for more information on how to sign up.  I found the presenter to be very informative and willing to answer questions during her presentation.  You can also create screenshots of her presentation for later reference.