Monday, December 7, 2020

Grading in Google Classroom

 I started using Google Classroom this year with my grade 6 Late French Immersion students.  It has been one of the best tools I have used in my classroom for a number of reasons:

1.  students can submit their assignments from anywhere and I will be notified 

2.  I can easily grade assignments once submitted

3.  I can quickly send out an e-mail to students who have not yet submitted assignments

4.  When creating an assignment, I can include all the needed links and materials to complete it

5.  as a French Immersion teacher, I love it because students can record themselves speaking.  This allows me to listen to their recordings and keep them for future assessment purposes.

I recently watched a video from Pocketful of Primary about making the grading process easier in Google Classroom.  It is really worth watching if you are new to Google Classroom.  I learned the following new things from this video:

1.  You can select "To review" on the top left of your screen in Google Classroom to view assignments that need to be marked.  You can filter them by classes in the dropdown tab near the top of the screen at the centre.

2.  You can create a rubric that allows you to select what level your student is working at for each criteriion you create.  I have been using rubrics but after watching this video, it helped me refine my use of them.

3.  You can add comments to a Comments Bank.  I find myself using the same comments often when replying to student assignments.  

If you are still new to Google Classroom, please watch this video for helpful tips on making the grading process easier for you.