Sunday, January 10, 2021

Writing in the Late French Immersion Classroom


I recently completed an online course offered by Parfaitement Parnell on TpT.  I found it very useful and loved the fact that she included a workbook and course resources to refer back to in my writing program.  I am currently teaching grade 6 Late French Immersion.  They began their journey in learning French for the first time in September.  Because of their limited vocabulary, our primary focus over the past few months has been developing vocab knowledge and working on sound blend recognition.  We have played several games and used repetition to help reinforce these new concepts.

My students are now writing sentences based on vocabulary they already know.  Every week, I will post a paragraph in English for them to translate into French and evaluate them on their understanding of the words they have learned.  I also evaluate them on their conventions (punctuation, capitalization) and how much content they can write.  Tia's course on Writing in French Immersion was very helpful in providing rubrics for teachers who are evaluating student written work.  I created a rubric of my own for my students to see how they are doing in the following areas of writing:

1.  Content

2.  Vocabulary

3.  Conventions

I provide students with a rubric attached to their written work for them to complete by checking off where they think they are on a scale of 1 to 3 (1-not meeting, 2 - approaching, 3 - meeting).  I then have the students return their writing with rubric attached to me for my assessment and I have them keep these written samples and assessments in their binders for the term.  This is a great way of helping students gain more insight on how they are doing in these 3 key areas of writing and to see both where they are shining and where there may be room for improvement.  It is also beneficial to include a self-assessment piece so that students can become more aware of their writing skills.

If you would like access to this FREE rubric, please visit my TpT store and download it today.  There are two rubrics per page so you can cut the page in half and use it for two students.