Tuesday, May 11, 2021

FREE and Easy Games for French Immersion Students

 On va jouer un jeu...These 5 words always perk up my students' attention and curiosity the moment I say them.

I haven't taught one class yet where students did not look forward to playing a game in class, even if it involved conjugating verbs or recalling vocabulary we have learned.  Students love the element of fun that comes with playing games in the language classroom.  

Games are also very important in helping students build their knowledge of the French language.  Most games I play encourage oral language development in the classroom.  This is an area of learning that sometimes can be quite neglected at the cost of learning grammar rules and acquiring reading and writing skills.

Here are some games that I highly recommend your students play:

1.  Une minute pour gagner (A minute to win it)

-provide a student with a challenge that they must complete in order to win.  Because we have been working hard on practicing our verb conjugations, I often ask the student to conjugate a verb correctly.  Students can earn points for their house teams.

2.  7 debout (7 Up)

-instead of students touching someone's thumb, they disguise their voices and say a word from our new vocabulary on our word wall to a student.  The student who the word is being said to then places his/her thumb down.  Students must then identify both who said the word and what was said correctly.  This is a great activity for practicing new French vocabulary in our classroom.

3.  Meurtre 

-there is a killer among us!  A student is chosen to discreetly wink at students.  It is the wink of death so if the student is winked at, he/she returns to their spot to indicate they are dead.  While playing this game, there is 1-2 detectives trying to crack the case.  Students are provided with sentences to say to each other as they interact with one another in this game.  The detective(s) then has to solve who the killer is.  This activity encourages students to practice speaking French.

4.  Questions du jour

-a student picks a question from my bag and then asks another student the question on his/her card.  The student must then answer the question and pick a card to ask someone else a question.  This is an excellent activity for students to build confidence with their French oral language skills.

5.  J'ai...qui a... (I have...who has)

-every student gets a card.  The first student to begin has a card that says "Je commence".  They then proceed to read the card aloud.  The students must listen attentively for what each student is saying to keep the game flowing.  For example, if someone asks "who has a tree"...the person with the card saying "I have a tree" must speak next and then pose the question on their card.  This activity strengthens listening skills and French vocabulary acquisition.

This is a list of only some games we play in our classroom.  I strongly encourage you to try one of them out in your classroom.  What I love best about these games is that they come at no cost and yet are still engaging enough to motivate all students to participate.