E-learning Resources for Kids

With so many digital resources now available to support a child's learning journey at home, children can continue to develop their learning interests or obtain further help with uncovering a new topic with more ease than in the past.

Families who are seeking alternative paths to learning with their children (homeschooling) or who are wanting to further support their children's traditional school-based learning are increasingly looking to the internet for resources.   

Below is a growing list of some resources I recommend to parents.

English Language Arts 

English For Everyone (very comprehensive website of lessons and worksheets for teaching English)
BBC Learn English Kids (highly suitable for primary school-age children and English Language Learners)



Cool Math
IXL Math
Khan Academy
Math Playground
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Facebook Page
(regularly shares good math problems)
Sophia Math Tutorials

Physical and Health Education


Social Studies